Youth Club


A Treasure Hunter’s Weekend


Holy Cross Parish held a Treasure Hunter’s Weekend for children and youth on August 21-22. The group traveled to the Banicki family cabin near Lexington, MI.  We were met by Mrs. Katherine Banicki and Johanna Banicki making us a breakfast of French toast and sausages. Everyone enjoyed swimming in the lake and going for kayak rides.  After lunch we made tie dye t-shirts and played some games on the lawn.  In the evening, the children were divided into two groups for the treasure hunt. Johanna gave each team 10 clues that she carefully hid throughout the property, that lead them to the buried treasure.  After a lot of running back and forth in the yard to find the next clue, the teams dug up the beach looking for the treasure. The treasure chest was finally found full of crafts for the children to put together.  After dinner a bon fire was started on the beach for roasting marshmallows, but it started to rain.  Everyone went inside and we watched a movie until it was time for bed.  The next morning we spent time packing our gear.  After Fr. Jarek grilled hamburgers for lunch the Banicki family took everyone to Whispering Pines Animal Kingdom where we saw a baboon eat suckers, a white tiger, a zebra and a llama who are best friends. We got to pet a hedge hog and brave the reptile house.  We fed the fish, goats, zebu and sheep.  They even had Polish chickens in a coop. It was a memorable weekend and everyone is looking forward to next year’s adventure.  Thank you to the Banicki Family for their great hospitality.



Below are few pictures form our activities.